July 19, 2024

2023 Chevy Silverado at least $800 more expensive

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2023 Chevy Silverado at least 0 more expensive

2023 Chevy Silverado at least $800 more expensive

Last time we covered Chevrolet Silverado prices, in May, Chevy had bumped MSRPs on the 2022 truck by $800 and the destination charge by $100. That put the lowest hurdle to owning a Bowtie pickup at $36,395 for the Regular Cab Work Truck with the Standard Bed and two-wheel drive — $1,795 of that cost being the destination fee. When 2023 pricing came out, the trucks went up another $1,000 across the board. The economic hobglobins have done it again, inflating the prices of the 2023 Silverado lineup anywhere from another $800 to $1,800, and boosting the destination charge another $100 to $1,895. We give Chevrolet full credit for including the destination charge in its configurator prices so that buyers aren’t fooled by an MSRP that’s nearly $2,000 lower before getting the surprise. But lordy, it’s getting hot out there for new car buyers.

Anyway, the sticker prices for the 2023 Silverado trims and their changes from the debut 2023 prices are: 

  • Work Truck: $38,195 ($800)
  • Custom: $45,595 ($1,100)
  • Custom Trail Boss: $53,695 ($1,400)
  • LT: $48,895 ($1,400)
  • RST: $54,195 ($1,500)
  • LT Trail Boss: $59,895 ($1,800)
  • LTZ: $59,095 ($1,600)
  • High Country: $63,995 ($1,400)
  • ZR2: $73,395 ($1,700)

Only the ZR2 Bison (pictured) hasn’t gone up, since production isn’t starting until next year. It holds steady at at $78,490. But the gap between it and the non-Bison ZR2 has narrowed from $8,295 to $5,095. Chevy has offered incentives on the Silvy for the past few months, so there are relative deals to be had.

After the big mid-year refresh for 2022, the only other noteworthy change to the 2023 Silverado beyond price is the upgraded diesel inline-six. The 3.0-liter turbodiesel makes 305 horsepower and 495 pound-feet of torque, compared to 277 hp and 460 lb-ft before. It’s an option on the Custom Trail Boss, LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, LTZ and High Country trims. The new prices are on the Chevrolet configurator, but it’s easier to check out the complete trim and price breakdown at GM Authority.

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