July 15, 2024

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair Review

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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair Review

Long gone are the days when DXRacer made the only premium chair for gamers, and when it comes to finding the perfect gaming chair there are no shortage of options on the market today. One of the newest releases is the Kaiser 3 gaming chair from AndaSeat, which is going after a piece of that premium market. It has an impressive array of specs that come in a variety of options, but is it truly worth it with that hefty $529 price tag?


AndaSeat Kaiser 3: The Next Step in Luxury

As someone who spends hours sitting for work and leisure, having the perfect chair is essential for both my comfort and physical health. I’ve sat in everything from bargain bin Costco office chairs to high-end chairs designed specifically with gamers in mind. However, nothing at all has compared to the comfort, easy-in setup, and customizability of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 gaming chair.

When I received my package, I knew right away that AndaSeat cared about meticulous detail and care for their products. Inside a massive box were multiple layers of padding, and each component was individually wrapped, boxed, and sorted to ensure that nothing could become damaged or scratched in transit. Even the layout of the packaging was arranged in the easiest way to sort and assemble the pieces. The only downside to all of this shipping protection is that it does create a large amount of non-recyclable waste.

Breezing Through Assembly

While removing the pieces for assembly, I immediately noticed how heavy and solid every single component felt. The main body parts are solid metal, with a heavy-duty aluminum base and steel framework. The outer components are a sturdy polyurethane molded foam that feels almost impossible to break. When paying top dollar, a durable design is essential. There’s nothing worse than a chair falling apart once it’s properly broken in, and that’s not uncommon with some cheaper models on the market.

Assembly for the Kaiser 3 gaming chair was a breeze. The instruction manual itself can look a bit daunting at first, but that’s only because it comes in 10 different languages. The actual assembly is only 15 steps across 4 pages, and most of these steps can be done in a minute or less. In total, I spent just under 30 minutes from unboxing to completion, but I was taking my time and being careful not to scratch anything during the process.

The assembly can easily be done with one person, however, the frame is quite heavy so some people might need assistance. My favorite part about assembling the Kaiser 3 is that everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. I don’t know how many chairs I’ve assembled where the bolts don’t quite match up with the holes, or certain pieces are different to align and fit properly, but there were absolutely zero issues here. In fact, the entire chair only uses 8 bolts (2 on each side of the backrest and 4 attaching the tilt mechanism to the base). Everything else is secured using surprisingly strong magnets.

Features, Features, Everywhere

If you’re the type of person who is very particular about their chair settings, the Kaiser 3 has you covered. It can do pretty much whatever you want (as far as chair things go).

First off, it has all of the basic adjustments one would expect: 165-degree backrest recline with tension adjustment, adjustable armrests, height adjustment, and a tilt-lock mechanism. Additionally, the Kaiser 3 has 4D armrests that can go up/down, right/left, front/back, and tilt. Basically, these armrests can go anywhere your arms can.

Next, there’s the built-in lumbar support. As someone who’s a stereotypical sloucher, I regularly use a pillow to give my lower back at least some support, but it’s difficult to keep it in the right place. The Kaiser 3 has lumbar support embedded in the backrest that can have its height and curvature adjusted to find that perfect spot that won’t move. Since I’ve been using the Kaiser 3, I’ve actually had less back pain at the end of the day.

Finally, the magnetic components of the Kaiser 3 are a rather unique feature. The armrest tops and side covers are secured using built-in magnetic hardpoints that keep them firmly in place while allowing for easy removal. A really cool addition is that the head pillow is also magnetic and can be put anywhere you need it.

Comfort is King

Durability and ease of assembly are definitely important when considering a premium gaming chair, but neither of those really matter if the chair doesn’t feel good to sit in. Well, there’s nothing to worry about with the Kaiser 3 because it is one of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit in.

Most office and gaming chairs use a dense, molded foam that doesn’t provide any give. This is fine for a few hours, but if you’re sitting all day then your butt would likely appreciate some cushion. The Kaiser 3 uses thick and squishy Duraxtra bonded PVC leather that is durable, stain resistance, and conforms to your rear.

It’s seriously once of the thickest gaming chair seats I’ve ever used, and is comparable to a luxury car seat. Even after 10 hours in my office, I can barely tell I’ve been sitting all day. The usual stiffness or soreness simply isn’t there.

Final Thoughts

I expected the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 to be like any other high-end chair on the market, but I was more than impressed with what arrived. The modular magnetic design makes assembly streamlined and a relative breeze compared with other chairs. Each piece of the Kaiser 3 feels durable and meticulously designed. Finally, the level of customization and comfort significantly reduces the stress of having to sit all day. Despite the high price tag, this one is definitely worth the cost.

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