May 25, 2024

Bugatti brings 5 of its most storied classic models back home

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The average Bugatti buyer already has dozens of cars and likely owns one of the brand’s eye-popping cars before adding another to the stable. The automaker met with one of its most storied collectors in recent years, but it wasn’t hoping to sell him another car. Bugatti wanted to keep and preserve his vehicles, several of which were deeply involved in its growth as a motorsport and luxury icon. The automaker succeeded and now has brought a sizable chunk of its history home. 

Hans Matti is the Registrar of the Bugatti Club Suisse and has amassed one of the world’s most impressive collections of classic Bugatti cars. His stable held a Bugatti Type 51, a Type 37A, a Type 49 Faux cabriolet, a Type 35B, and a Type 35A. The cars each feature incredible stories, including the Type 51 with its Grand Prix racing history and a Type 49 that was Jean Bugatti’s personal car. The vehicle is thought to be the only one in the world with the Faux Cabriolet bodywork done at the Bugatti factory. The Type 51 was a factory race car driven by Louis Chiron.

Bugatti says the Type 35A carries the engine, gearbox, and rear axle from one of its Type 36 race cars, both of which were destroyed. The Type 37A dates back to 1929 and still races today. It features a supercharger on its four-cylinder engine, which gave it a 120-mph top speed. Bugatti notes that only 76 cars were supercharged.

The five cars have now made their way to Bugatti, where they rest in the Chateau Saint Jean, which Ettore Bugatti purchased to entertain customers. They’ll be kept exactly as they are, with original paint, rivets, and other components.

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