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Editors’ Picks December 2022 | Genesis G90, Mazda3 and an old favorite

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Editors’ Picks December 2022 | Genesis G90, Mazda3 and an old favorite

Editors’ Picks December 2022 | Genesis G90, Mazda3 and an old favorite

The last Editors’ Picks collection of 2022 consists of picks from three different segments. We recently got our first shot at the 2023 Genesis G90, which instantly found a warm place in our heart. Plus, a couple of favorites from years past came through. Look out for even more ratings come the new year as a ton of fresh metal comes onto the market. Tons of totally new EVs and sports cars may have hit the streets in 2022, but there are even more new and exciting cars coming.

In case you missed our previous Editors’ Picks posts, here’s a quick refresher on what’s going on here. We rate all the new cars we drive with a 1-10 score. Cars that are exemplary in their respective segments get Editors’ Pick status. Those are the ones we’d recommend to our friends, family and anybody who’s curious and asks the question. The list that you’ll find below consists of every car we rated in December month that earned an Editors’ Pick.

2023 Genesis G90

Quick take: The Genesis G90 is now a full-size sedan without any major compromises versus its competition. It rides beautifully, features a tech-forward but still usable interior and even has a powerful and refined powertrain.

Score: 8.5

What it competes with: Lexus LS 500, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8

Pros: Gorgeous design, efficient and powerful powertrain, super-luxurious interior, great value

Cons: Doesn’t handle as well as competitors

From the editors:

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer — “The Genesis G90 is all-new for 2023, and what a stupendous luxury sedan it is. The mild-hybrid twin-turbo V6 powertrain is smooth and powerful for effortless acceleration. Its air suspension and electronically controlled dampers waft you over poor pavement with nary a cabin disturbance. Every last luxury you might want for is present from auto-opening doors, massaging seats and rear wheel steering. It’s all there for a price that is shockingly low versus the leading German luxury sedans, making it all the more impressive.”

In-depth analysis: 2023 Genesis G90 First Drive Review: No more compromises


2023 Mazda3

Quick take: The Mazda3 is a blast to drive and has an interior that rivals entry-level luxury cars. It’s only real weakness is a slightly tight rear seat and cargo space.

Score: 8.0

What it competes with: Toyota CorollaHonda CivicHyundai ElantraNissan SentraVolkswagen Jetta

Pros: Elegant exterior and interior design, enthusiast-friendly driving characteristics, fun Turbo option

Cons: Cramped backseat and cargo space, infotainment isn’t for everybody

From the editors:

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer — “The Mazda3 is still one of the best compact cars you can buy. Sure, a Honda Civic is going to be way more usable with its massive utility, but nothing can compete with the Mazda when it comes to interior quality and attractiveness. The real allure to the Mazda3 is about the way it drives, though. Spring for either the manual or a Turbo model, and you’re going to have a blast.”

News Editor Joel Stocksdale — “I love this car so much. I love the design. I love the materials. But most of all, I love the way this car steers and handles. Every fraction of a degree of steering input yields exactly as much change to the eager nose. The steering wheel gives you a high-definition picture of what’s happening between the tires and the pavement. The chassis feels neutral and has plenty of grip. Even its simple torsion-beam rear suspension stays planted over slightly bumpy corners.”

In-depth analysis: 2023 Mazda3 Review: Performance and luxury at a budget price


2023 Jeep Wrangler

Quick take: The Wrangler has real competition now, but the vast number of variants and huge capability still makes it a superb off-road vehicle. From the 4xe PHEV to the 392, the Wrangler is one awesome ball of fun.

Score: 7.0

What it competes with: Ford Bronco, Toyota 4Runner, Land Rover Defender

Pros: Fantastic off-roader, a variant for every need, utilitarian interior and roof options

Cons: Expensive, terrible ride and handling, poor efficiency

From the editors:

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer — “Even if the Wrangler kind of sucks to drive in most on-road situations, there’s only one other thing like it off-road, that being the Ford Bronco. I just adore the 392 with its unbelievably loud exhaust and massive amount of power. The 4xe is desirable in its own way, too, as the PHEV is both fast and offers true electric driving. The Bronco may have a few points on the Wrangler, but there’s no denying that this Jeep is still an epic off-roader.”

News Editor Joel Stocksdale — “The Jeep Wrangler is kind of a weird thing. The steering is vague and requires constant adjustment. It’s not particularly quiet, especially when it’s raining out. It’s thirsty, the logical conclusion of hustling a heavy, high-riding brick. But I’ll be damned if it’s not fun. And that fun is multiplied as roof panels come off and windows go down. The visibility is superb, and the Jeep’s narrow body makes it easy to hustle it around town with confidence.”

In-depth analysis: 2023 Jeep Wrangler Review: Unlimited variety, from 4xe to Rubicon 392


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