July 15, 2024

Energica doubles global electric motorcycle sales, up 5x in the US

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Energica doubles global electric motorcycle sales, up 5x in the US

Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica is chalking up impressive sales numbers around the world and in the US market. The company’s rosy figures were just announced as part of a lead up to Energica Week 2022, a yearly gathering in the company’s home country.

The celebration will run from September 5 through September 9. Energica will use the opportunity to showcase its new 8,000 square meter (86,000 square foot) factory headquarters in Modena, Italy.

The company has doubled its footprint to expand its offices and production area, highlighting the growing demand for its all-electric motorcycles. Among the announcements made by Energica in the lead up to the festivities are a year-over-year global sales increase of 104{5be0972a10a00bb621c1a18de1a801d58662e556d02921cebb422beac5e5b2fe}.

A large chunk of that expansion came from the US market, where the company is boasting a five-fold increase in sales year-over-year.

Energica doubles global electric motorcycle sales, up 5x in the US

Energica has now expanded to 95 dealers around the world including in key markets of France, Germany, and the UK. The company has recently entered new markets of Australia, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Paskistan, and Nepal.

In the US alone, Energica increased from 14 to 25 dealers.

Energica is also touting the launch of its business unit Energica Inside, which will help other manufacturers employ Energica’s powertrains in their own electric vehicles designed for land, air, and sea transportation.

The news follows on the heels of Energica’s acquisition by Ideanomics, Inc. I attended the company’s Investor Day at the NASDAQ earlier this year, where I had the chance to visit with the company’s top brass and also test out several of Energica’s electric motorcycles.

At the time, Energica had three models of 125+ mph (200+ km/h) electric motorcycles. Since then, the recently launched Energica Experia sport touring model has added a fourth bike to the company’s lineup.

I had the pleasure of cruising the winding roads of the Italian Alps on that bike, barely making a dent in the Experia’s massive range. To put it in hard numbers, the bike offers a city range of 420 km (261 miles) and a highway range of 209 km (130 miles).

The Experia uses a large 22.5 kWh maximum-rated battery (19.6 kWh usable) to reach such impressive ranges, and combines that battery with DC Fast Charging capability along with Levels 1 and 2 charging (home wall charging and EVSE-style public charging stations).

That long range makes the Energica Experia “the most nimble and maneuverable machine Energica has ever made, allowing riders to tap into their wanderlust by offering the longest range of any electric motorcycle on the market,” according to the company.

Having tested the bike myself, I can vouch for the veracity of Energica’s statements. Far be it for me to toot my own horn, but that bike doesn’t look too bad on me.

Micah Toll Energica Experia ride
Micah Toll Energica Experia ride
Just another day in the Electrek office for me…

Electrek’s Take

I’ve had the good fortune to put many hours on flagship electric motorcycles from the industry leaders Zero Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson, both of which have competing claims to titles of best-selling electric motorcycles in the US, depending on how you define the category.

Look, they’re both amazing manufacturers with awesome bikes, but Energica’s rides are right up there with them – it’s just that the company’s production numbers have been so much lower that they’re lesser known in the industry.

You can find a Harley dealership anywhere and Zeros are fairly prolific at this point, too, but most people have never lived anywhere near an Energica dealer. The company is quickly changing that though, and I’m glad to see such rapid growth and expansion for these awesome rides. Granted, it’s easier to chalk up 5x growth when you start with lower absolute figures, but growth is growth.

Not only is the company expanding dealerships and selling more bikes, but they’re getting out there in key markets as well. I’ve even seen Energicas whirr past me in my city multiple times, in case you needed some anecdotal evidence.

They may not be selling thousands of bikes yet, but Energica appears well on its way to getting there.

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Rising star Energica doubles global electric motorcycles sales, up 5x in the US

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