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Free Giveaway PS5 Console (SONY PLAYSTATION 5) Sony PS5 Digital Pro, Games GTA V, Horizon, Controller

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Free Giveaway PS5 Console (SONY PLAYSTATION 5) Sony PS5 Digital Pro, Games GTA V, Horizon, Controller

Sony’s PS5 is out since more than one year half, and in this time it’s been transformed into a top-quality gaming console. Sure , it’s polarizing in its design and the amount of storage space isn’t a lot considering the amount of games available. Finding an PS5 replenishment isn’t easy. With a plethora of haptics, including its DualSense controller and the immersive 3-D sound and a speedy SSD that has an expandable slot unlockable to upgrade and upgrades, the PS5 appears to be a modern gaming console in the sense that I believe it’s evolved into an actual current-gen console. 


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So as such, the PS5 is in the leading edge of setting the stage for the games that will be released in the coming years and beyond. In this regard take a look at our complete PS5 review. 

The PS5 was launched on the 12th of November within the U.S., and came to the U.K. and most other areas of the globe on the 19th of November. The basic PS5 comes with the 4K Blu-ray drive, is priced at $499. While the PS5 Digital Edition goes for less than $399, for those who prefer going disc-free. 

It’s important to note that the PS5 has been extremely difficult to acquire. The retail stock has been moving into and out quickly So make sure you save our PS5 replenishment guide, and then check out the retailers’ links below. 

PS5 Review price and where to purchase 


It’s been talked about for years and the PS5 is an absolutely massive piece of technology. PlayStation’s 15.4 10x 10.2 and 4.1-inch console is bigger than every gaming console that has launched in the past decade which includes those like the PS4 Slim as well as PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro. It’s also a lot bigger than the next-gen competitor with the Xbox Series X, and makes the Xbox Series S look like an toy for children. 

The massive chassis allows the PS5 to put out an impressive performance, while remaining relatively cool and peaceful (which we’ll discuss in the future) however, the huge dimensions of this new PlayStation might pose a problem for those who have smaller spaces for entertainment. 


If you’re not planning to place the PS5 on the ground it will likely require an appropriate table for your needs for standing it vertically. I was able fit the PS5 within my entertainment center with a horizontal layout however, it was only barely. So, you’ll need to assess the size of your space prior to setting up the PS5 at home. 

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Regarding orientation The PS5 has a detachable stand that lets you place the huge console vertically or horizontally. The stand is screwed into the console’s bottom while in horizontal mode (the PS5 includes a screw however there’s no screwing tool into) and is then secured to the rear port of the PS5 space in horizontal mode. 


It would be great if the PS5 came with an instrument for removing the base, however I was able to get it done in a short experience using a coin to connect and take it off. The unit is sturdy in vertical orientation with the base on however I discovered the base to be much more difficult to work with when it was in horizontal mode. It took me several attempts before I was able to make it lay flat and securely upon the base. I finally got the PS5 to stand horizontally in my entertainment centre however, the fact that it was able to slide off the base effortlessly if it wasn’t placed precisely gives me anxiety. 

But, I’ll probably keep my PS5 in horizontal mode throughout my time using it due to the fear of falling over the high chassis when it’s in my dining room table (especially when my nephews who are hyperactive are around). 


The PlayStation 5’s stunning modern design has been the topic of debate since its unveiling and I’m still having mixed views about the design. It appears like an ugly large cable modem when sitting vertically due to its sharp white side panels as well as the asymmetrical bulk that is added by Blu-ray drive. 

However, I’ve become a bit happy with the way it looks when it’s placed horizontally beneath my TV, because the curves and edges appear to be more prominent (even even if it appears to be an equidistant Barclays Center). I also love the appealing LED status lights on every part of the internal. It is more slick and noticeable than the status lights in the PS4. Also, the small and concealed PlayStation controller icons on the interior panels are a nice extra feature. It’s either a good thing or a bad thing It’s a great console. PS5 is a console loaded with attention-to-detail, and has a unique design unlike any console we’ve ever seen. 

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In the year. 13th, 2021 you’ll be able to buy the official PS5 covers that will alter the color on the faceplates of PS5 consoles. They won’t affect the console’s overall appearance however at the very least, you won’t have to live with a simple white scheme. 

Additionally, one person has created the unofficial PS5 Slim that looks pretty impressive but with some caveats. 

PS5 review: Ports and expansion 

The PS5 features a pretty typical set of ports, including some modern features. It comes with a high-speed USB Type-A port on the in the front, along with the USB SuperSpeed port for Type-C. It’s great to see a console have USB-C connectivity straight in the first place particularly to connect modern devices as well as storage devices. 

At the rear of the TV, there are 2 SuperSpeed USB-A ports as well as an Ethernet connector as well as the HDMI 2.1 port, as well as an adapter for AC. (See the top Gaming TVs for recommendations for TVs that have HDMI 2.1.) The PS5 has been deprived of the optical audio port on the PS4 that could be a snub for people using high-end audio devices that have optical connections. But, some companies already offer optical-to HDMI splitters, for instance Astro and the Astro A20 headset. 

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If you’re looking to increase the capacity on the built-in 825GB SSD storage, you can use the PCle 4.0 M.2 expansion slots is accessible through the console’s opening. Be aware the fact that while not every SSDs are compatible, so you will require one that meets Sony’s very stringent specifications(opens in a new tab) like that of the Western Digital SN850, Samsung 980 Pro or the soon-to-be Nextorage from Sony, which is a manufactured M.2 NVMe SSD. 

At the time of launch it was not able to expand, but the most recent PS5 software release has opened it up that allows users to install an additional SSD to expand storage. We tried out the procedure for ourselves when this feature was in beta and got the results with great satisfaction. 

This console’s SSD expansion slot offers the PS5 an additional arrow in its bow against the Xbox Series X. In addition to the internal storage, Microsoft’s console is a matter of purchasing of a high-priced custom SSD card, while Sony’s SSD expansion option allows you to choose between a variety of third-party models that vary in cost. The PS5 is also compatible with traditional external hard drives however, only to carry over the digital PS4 games or saving your saved data. 

PS5 Review: Interface 

Its PS5 interface is elegant, sleek and fast improvement over PS4’s interface. PS4 software. Moving between games or navigating menus feels effortless and fast, to the point that the PS4 menu is now slow and messy in contrast. There are, however, some things I’d like to be added in PS5’s interface PS5 menu, this does introduce several new and exciting ways to navigate to what you’re doing quicker. There are plenty of PS5 secrets worth trying. 

The home screen is like the one you’ve seen on PS4 owners, featuring an horizontal row of tiles which showcase your latest games. If you select a game to highlight, the title’s artwork will be displayed on the entire home screen as the music plays on the background. This is an interesting aesthetic addition. There’s a useful Explore tab that displays the latest news and updates and also the Game Library tab that allowed me to immediately download the collection I have of PS4 games. Similar to PS4 the PS5 allows you to take videos and photos and stream them on YouTube or Twitch by a single click on the create button.

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I like the way the PS5 software appears clean overall, but I think there should be a way to arrange your game collections into subfolders similar to what you can do on PS4. It’s also cool to see the background change to match whatever game you’ve selected it’s a bit disappointing that there’s no possibility of setting personal wallpapers instead. (At at the very least, there’s an easy method that can provide your PS5 retro appearance that changes its logo to the classic green, red, yellow and blue emblems that were seen on previous versions of the console.) 

The long-time PS4 gamers will need to shake off some muscle memory as tapping the PlayStation button now opens an control center that allows you to switch apps, check in with your friends, view notifications, check your controller’s battery and much more at the lower right corner on your display. 

You can also personalize the control center to be able to quickly access features like access options, network settings and broadcast control. This is a significant improvement over the PS4’s quick menu that took up a larger portion of the screen, and was not as responsive or user-friendly. 

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Clean and snappy software is fantastic however, the PS5 interface is truly alive once you play games. Pressing the PlayStation button when playing an PS5 game will open the menu for activities, which displays information like the progress of your game and a list of trophies to chase as well as an inventory of games which you can dive straight into. 

As an example I was able to play through a set of tasks and challenges within the Activities menu of Spider-Man: Miles Morales without needing to locate them in the game, which would have saved me time that I would otherwise be wasting in Manhattan. It’s also possible to access the Activities menu in the Game Library before you even begin playing which means I could jump straight into a particular level within Astro’s Playroom without having to wrestle with menus. 

For someone who may not always have plenty of time to play being able to jump to a specific portion of a game on an system level isn’t only valued, it’s revolutionary. While it might appear to be an unimportant concession for some users, the Activities menu may transform the game we play, and I’m excited to see how game developers take advantage of it over the next years.

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My main complaint regarding the PS5 in terms of software is that, in contrast to the Xbox Series X and S the console from Sony doesn’t appear to be able to hold several games at once. The the Xbox’s Quick Resume feature lets you effortlessly switch between a dozen games and pick up exactly where you were in the previous game however, the PS5 will require you to start up every game by starting from scratch. 

It’s even more annoying the fact that the console does not inform you that your current game will end and replace it with a fresh one that could result in you losing any progress that was saved. Although the PS5’s load times are so rapid that the absence for Quick Resume isn’t a huge issue, it’s still a bit disappointing that Sony’s console lacks the answer to one of the most useful features. 

From February 2022 onwards Users can test this newly released PS5 version beta that will improve chat, navigation, and voice command capabilities. 

PS5 test: DualSense Controller 


The PS5 DualSense controller could be the most innovative thing that Sony’s console has to offer. Gamepad’s feedback haptic feature, adjustable triggers, and the built-in speaker are a perfect combination, resulting in an experience that is tactile I’ve never experienced playing a game. 


The DualSense particularly shines in Astro’s Playroom It’s a free pre-installed game designed to show off what Sony’s latest controller can accomplish. In this vivid 3D platformer, you’ll experience the gentle impact of grains of sand when you walk through the storm, or feel the effortless glide when skating on ice, just to mention a few examples. Anything from pulling on ropes to floating through the air in a jetpack creates an incredible amount that provides feedback to force. This is the kind of thing you must feel to be convinced.

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If you’re considering whether you should be thinking about PS5 DualSense and DualShock 4 contest, the latest controller is the winner in terms of sheer innovation. 


The triggers with adaptive functions are amazing, since they be more difficult to trigger according to what’s happening in the game. For instance the triggers provided more resistance when controlling my character’s character in the spring-loaded jumpsuit. They were able to accurately reproducing the feel of pressing into a spring, then release it. Gaming can also make use of the built-in microphone. I needed to blow at the control to propel the platform of frozen ice inside Astro’s Playroom. 

Sackboy Big Adventure Big Adventure also makes impressive use of the PlayStation controller because I felt an immediate sense of tension while walking through tall grass , thanks to continuous rhythmic patterns. I felt the vibrations reverberating through certain areas on the controller in cutscenes and was enthralled by the soft taps that accompany Sackboy running around as he floated in the air. In the sword-based battle of Godfall I could feel the triggers get tense to increase the weight of the sensation of cutting opponents with powerful attacks.

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While playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I experienced subtle, yet very nuanced, vibrations throughout scenes as the controller was able to perfectly match the glasses’ clinking as well as the distant taps Rhino’s feet by providing tactile feedback. I also enjoyed the slight feeling of resistance while using the triggers to fly through Manhattan as well as the gentle buzz of electricity that echoed through the speaker each when I powered to charge Miles’ Venom attacks. 


Sony’s new controller has an integrated microphone, which lets you chat with your friends even when you do not have a headset for gaming useful. It’s perfect in the event of a need. I was able to have a full audio chat with my friend Marshall whom I also had using his DualSense headset, and we could communicate with each other via the built-in speaker of the controller. It’s still likely that you’ll need to wear a headset to listen to your chat and game audio when playing a competitive Call of Duty match, however the fact that you can communicate with other players via PS5 without the need for headsets is a nice option.  

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The DualSense already has some amazing potential However, it’s only as great as the games that utilize it. Even though games like Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man, Godfall and Sackboy have some amazing things to do using the gamepad of Sony I’m interested to see if more developers take advantage of DualSense’s unique features when more PS5 games are released. 


Beyond its advanced haptics the DualSense performs pretty well as a normal controller. It’s considerably larger than its predecessor, the DualShock 4 gamepad, with the most robust feel, as well as a style that is said to be based on the design from the Xbox Wireless Controller in terms of ergonomics. While the DualSense’s larger grip is comfortable to hold, I’d prefer it were a bit smaller, and I noticed my hands cramped during playing intense action games such as Godfall or Devil May Cry 5. 

The best part is the fact that DualSense’s controls as well as triggers feel fantastic during regular gaming. I was able to do my standard Mortal Kombat 11 combos thanks to the smooth D-pad on the controller and fast face buttons. The triggers and thumbsticks were precise and responsive when I took on Rebels with the DualShock 4 in Battlefront II. The touchpad is bigger this time and I appreciate the fact that the built-in lightbar wraps around center instead of being hidden in the top like in the DualShock 4.  

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PS5 Review of Performance and Load Times 


With an incredibly high-performance eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of graphics performance and an insanely speedy custom SSD that the PS5 promises to deliver some of the highest performance ever to be offered by a games console. Although I’ve played only a few games that were specifically designed to make use of the PS5’s performance and capabilities, I’m already amazed by the performance that Sony’s console has to produce in terms of frame rate, fidelity and, more important, load speed. 

It shouldn’t be shocker, but some games look stunning when played on Sony’s brand new console. Spider-Man: Miles Morales looked like a premium PC game rather than it was a PlayStation game, as I stared at the beautiful shades of purple and red of Spider-Man and his adversaries bursting out of on the display in high-definition. Because of the console’s Ray-tracing feature, Manhattan’s towers reflect off each other realistically as did a series of puddles that looked like real ones in a bustling Times Square.  

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This PS5 edition of Miles Morales comes with a unique Performance mode that turns off effects like Ray Tracing and utilizes an upscaled 4K for an increased frame rate. After switching to the Performance mode, and moved around the streets at 60 frames-per-second, while enjoying gorgeous visuals, I was feeling like I was playing something that could not be accomplished on previous consoles. It was extremely difficult to switch back to the PS4 version of Miles Morales, which often was averaging less than 30 frames per sec. 

The experience will get better in the future as Sony confirms that that variable refresh rate support (VRR) will be available on the PS5 around 2022. 

However, while ray-traced graphics and 60 frames per second performance modes are excellent but it’s the PS5’s lightning speed SSD that really makes the console feel like a new generation. When you start an game such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there’s virtually no downtime between selecting the game from your home screen, and then being out in the street and battling criminals. The same process took me about 20 seconds to begin enjoying in the PS4 version.  

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Astro’s Playroom is equally instantaneous and fast like the time I managed to move between the game’s main hub to its myriad of exciting levels without even a loading screen visible. The PlayStation 5’s lightning-fast SSD also allows gamers to skip parts of the game using the Activities menu. In the future, with games like The dimension-hopping game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart appearance will be able to perform some really innovative things using it. We’ll need to see what other games make use of the SSD and the PS5’s SSD, but it’s already a sign of one of the biggest leaps in technology on console gaming in long time. 



PS4 (2013 model) 

Boot time 

22 seconds 

30 seconds 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (startup) 

12 seconds 

12 seconds 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (menu to play) 

2 seconds 

20 seconds 

The Last of Us 2 (startup) 

15 seconds 

33 seconds 

The Last of Us 2 (menu to play) 

1 minute 

1 minute and 28 second 

Mortal Kombat 11 (startup) 

8 seconds 

11 seconds 

Mortal Kombat 11 (menu to game) 

10 seconds 

18 seconds 

Star Wars Battlefront II (startup) 

33 seconds 

1 minute 5 seconds 

Star Wars Battlefront II (menu to play) 

12 seconds 

22 seconds 


In terms of load speed improvements in PS4 game, I witnessed the biggest improvements when playing The Last of Us Part II. Naughty Dog’s highly acclaimed action adventure game loaded nearly twice as fast when playing on PS5 as it does on PS4 it took 30 seconds less time to transition into playable mode via on the menu. I also saw notable improvements in Star Wars Battlefront II, that took around 33 seconds to launch on PS5 as opposed to more than one minute on PS4. 

The load times of games differed were less apparent when I tested games such as God of War and Mortal Kombat 11 However, each game I tested ran the fastest on PS5. 

PS5 Review: Backwards-Compatible 


The PS5 can be used with virtually all PS4 games it’s a massive leap from the absence of backwards compatibility in the previous generation. I tried about 12 PS4 games on the PS5 with games like The Last of Us Part II, God of War, Mortal Kombat 11, Tetris Effect and Resident Evil 2 and most of them were faster to load and ran more smoothly than on my original PS4. Both disc-based and digital PS4 games ran without issue on my PS5 and my physical films performed flawlessly with the Blu-ray drive in 4K.  

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The PS5 lets you make use of every PS4 Pro enhancements that a game can offer, which means games with greater resolution or frame rate modes get the most from Sony’s latest console. For someone who came from an earlier PS4 and able to finally experience God of War’s high frame rate mode as well as experience Tetris Effect in 4K felt nearly worth the cost of admission by itself (the loading time improvements mentioned above definitely help, too.). 

The PS5 is specifically designed to work with a wide range of official licensed and first-party PS4 accessories. I had no problems connecting my previous equipment over. Connecting the DualShock 4 to the PS5 was as easy as connecting it via USB cable. Both of my previous headsets worked perfectly with DualSense’s 3.5 audio jack of 3.5mm. 


Third-party wired controllers, like my Hori Fightpad or Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick were also perfect as I played with buttons within Mortal Kombat. Keep in mind the DualShock 4 only works with backwards compatible PS4 games, meaning it won’t allow you to play PS5 only games. 

Recently, a new patent application submitted by PlayStation creators suggests that the PS5 could one day be able to play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. This gives an additional reasons to get the PS5.  

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PS5 review: Game lineup 


The launch lineup for the PS5 gets off to great beginning. The biggest marquee debut game Spider-Man: Miles Morales it’s a stunning and enjoyable sequel to the Marvel’s Spider-Man featuring the ability to ray-trace graphics and a 60-fps performance mode. 

Sackboy The Big Adventure is a simple yet charming 3D platformer with plenty of customizable characters. However, Astro’s Playroom is a free add-on game that showcases DualSense, the DualSense controller, may be more enjoyable. It’s been a while since the Nintendo Wii has a console launched with a game of note available right from the start and Sony’s latest platformer is filled with fun treasures and easter eggs for the most ardent PlayStation players.  

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If you prefer a more mature style, Godfall is a fun and gorgeous action-RPG that plays like a blend of the intense battle that is God of War 2018 and the deep loot system in Destiny. Are you looking for something that is more elegant? Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is an upgraded version of the fantastic 2019 slash-em-up that features both Ray-tracing and 120 FPS performance modes. 

One of the PS5’s most important real launches exclusives Demon’s Souls, a visually amazing remake of the adored action/RPG released in 2009 of the identical name. We’ve just begun to test Bluepoint’s latest version of the popular game So stay tuned for further impressions.  

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The problem isthat you don’t even need the PS5 to play most such games. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy The Big Adventure are also available on PS4 and PS4 as are a lot of the top third-party games that launched at the time of the time of launch. 

They are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, The Pathless, Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21. These games are available on PS4 however, you’ll require an PS5 to play them, such as 4K-quality gameplay and 60 fps frame rates options. It’s worth noting that Fortnite was optimized for PS5 at the time of launch and games like Madden NFL 21 and Watch Dogs Legion will be offering free PS5 upgrades to those who own PS4 versions. 

In the future to the future, expect important PS5 exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West (the latter of which will also have an PS4 version) to launch in 2021 and later. 

While you don’t have to necessarily own the PS5 to play the largest new games released by Sony and third party developers but you can expect to play more enhanced versions of them on the latest system. Also, don’t forget that the vast majority of your PS4 games will be available to you, complete with significant improvements in performance and visuals for certain games. 

PS5 Review: Apps 


The PS5 can access pretty all the entertainment apps that you’ll ever need, such as Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and newly added in it, the PlayStation environment, Apple TV Plus. All of these apps functioned identically as their PS4 counterparts during my tests which isn’t something to be worried about. 

Each app I tried worked quickly and was streamed consistently regardless of whether I was watching Chappelle’s Show on Netflix or checking out the latest wrestling information on YouTube. However, what’s more important is that streaming apps on the PS5 are much easier to access as opposed to before because of a convenient Media tab that’s one click away on the main screen. It’s a great improvement from the PS4 that hid the entire streamer’s applications within a slow-loading Television and Video menu. 

A word of caution and a caveat note: PS4 jailbreaks could be compatible on the PS5 that will allow for any homebrew software and applications. We’d recommend against this since it could cause issues, something you do not intend to do if you’re using the PS5 isn’t easy to locate in the stock version. 

Also, check out the PS5 exclusives and. Xbox exclusive story to see how both games stack up. 

The PS5 Review: Noise and Heat 

With its huge internal fan and the large vents that run along the sides of the chassis and the outside of the chassis, the PS5 was cool and generally quiet throughout my time using it. I didn’t hear any sound emanating from the console, no matter if I spent hours in Astro’s Playroom or tying up the crooks of Spider-Man. I did experience a few rare moments of audible noise while playing Star Wars Battlefront II, and I could hear discs turning very incessantly the first time I started putting Blu-rays into the console. In contrast to the jet-engine-like sounds that emanate from my PS4 when I download games The PS5 is completely silent. 

PS5 Review: 3D Audio 

Its Tempest Engine enables it to provide 3D audio to games that are supported, allowing players to hear the sounds of your games with more directionality than standard stereo headphones can provide. The 3D audio on the PS5 is made to work with a variety of existing headsets and headphones but Sony’s brand new Pulse 3D Wireless Headset has been specifically designed for this technology. So far , we’ve tried 3D audio with one headset, the Astro A20 headset. Although the effects are rather subtle, they have shown some promise. 


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The PS5’s audio features were most apparent in Astro’s Playroom since I could clearly hear rain emanating from my vantage point, and could clearly hear the noise of a tornado swirling between my right and left ears as it swept my character towards the sky. It was also simple to discern the locations where planes, cars and other enemies were coming from as I tossed through the air within Spider-Man: Miles Morales, however, I couldn’t tell any significant difference in sound when the effect was active or off. 

As with many PS5’s features, it’ll be up to the developers to maximize the PS5’s 3D sound technology. We’re excited to play additional games that feature 3D sound support and also obtain the Pulse 3D headset to enjoy the ultimate experience. 

PS5 Review: Verdict 

The PS5 is a significant leap forward in console gaming. It offers stunning 4K graphics, stunningly quick load times, and a game-changing controller that makes gaming more tactile and immersive than ever before. It can play almost all PS4 games and, in many instances it allows them to perform and load faster than ever before. 

There are however a few good reasons to delay buying a console in the event that you are able to discover Sony’s new console it is. The PS5’s launch collection includes only a handful of must-have exclusives considering that PS4 owners are still able to enjoy important releases like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The massive size of the console may also pose a challenge for those who have limited space and the DualSense controller could be too larger for people who have smaller hands. 

Like most consoles the PS5 will only become better with time as it introduces new games, features and exclusive games for those who prefer to hold off. Also, Microsoft’s price of $499 for the Xbox Series X offering some extra power and is compatible alongside four different generations of Xbox games. If you do buy up a PS5 today, be aware that you’ll get the ultimate experience of the next generation with advanced haptics, gorgeous graphics, and virtually no interference between you and the games you’d like to play. 


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