May 25, 2024

Isabel Berglund: Blurring the Traces Between Unique Artwork Types

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I am continually motivated by fiber artists who phase outside the box. Knit artist Isabel Berglund is another person who shades exterior the strains and layouts by her have principles. Her exclusive installations toy with notion and actuality, causing the viewer to query the interactive surroundings she makes.

Berglund examined style and design at Denmark’s Style University, Copenhagen and Central Saint Martins College or university in London. Her installations and sculptures have been featured internationally in museums and galleries such as Copenhagen Arthall in Denmark, Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan, and Museum Bellerive in Zurich.

Berglund hand-knits her parts in an exertion to issue the necessity of categorizing art forms. She says “[her] do the job is made to area itself in concerning classes these as design, artwork and manner. It questions when a function belongs in a specific class, and why.”

One particular of her pieces, titled Closet Knitter, is a big white closet designed from yarn. Within, there is a sweater that appears to be a chair, and a wig that appears to be a mild fixture. The closet, sweater and wig are all built from the identical white yarn, producing the distinctive features of the piece blur alongside one another. It forces the viewer to query the truth of the piece and talk to: is the sweater essentially a chair? Is the wig a light fixture? Is the closet a area? Berglund’s sculptures and installations produce a new tale with widespread fibers. She makes unpredicted realities from day to day photos.

One more piece by Berglund, A Social Undertaking, makes an surprising fact. The exhibition is a smaller dwelling included in bright crimson yarn. As a substitute of being in a museum, the piece is following to a row of comparable houses. As soon as yet again, Berglund has us questioning her artwork. Is it meant to be a home, or a display screen of knitwear? For Berglund, it appears to be both. Her mixture of the two separate entities is a demonstrate, meant to demolish existing societal ideas. The operate reveals that it can be artwork, a giant knit, and a house it would not require to just be a single. Berglund continuously obliterates basic definitions with her although-provoking artwork. Her piece Social Venture echoes the challenge she presents with Closet Knitter, and even more exhibits that her work can not, and really should not, be categorized.

The exclusive items Berglund produces are progressive and conceptual. I admire her skill to bend visible truth with her perform and blur the lines between various artwork types.

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