July 15, 2024

Kollter RS1 80 MPH electric motorcycle hitting US roads soon

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Kollter RS1 80 MPH electric motorcycle hitting US roads soon

The commuter-class electric motorcycle market is heating up quickly, with the Kollter RS1 set to become the next mid-power bike hitting US roads.

While electric sport bikes that can easily blow past 100 mph (160 km/h) have been the most popular models so far, commuter electric motorcycles are coming into their own. Several models that can reach speeds of between 60-80 mph (96-130 km/h) have been announced, rolling in at a fraction of the price of flagship electric sport bikes.

The Kollter RS1’s top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) and 35 kW peak-rated chain-driving mid-motor (47 hp) put it on the higher performance end of that group.

The ability to break any speed limit in the US and a powerful motor means that it’s likely to be one of the most fun ways to make your two-wheeled electric commute on a budget.

Kollter RS1 80 MPH electric motorcycle hitting US roads soon

That budget price is $11,995, putting it $1,000 below Zero’s entry-level motorcycles. The RS1 has nearly identical power and speed specs as bikes like the Zero FXE, but a larger battery at 8.6 kWh. The RS1 also includes a J1772 charging port allowing it to be charged at a public charging station, though riders can still charge at home using a wall outlet.

The battery pack offers between 65-130 miles of range (104-210 km), depending on whether those are highway or city miles.

The hefty 417 lb (189 kg) Kollter RS1 carries 127 lb (58 kg) of battery, though that doubles the battery capacity of smaller bikes like the 300 lb (136 kg) SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle.

Suspension consists of an inverted front fork and rear monoshock. Dual hydraulic disc brakes use a combined braking system with two hand levers instead of the more traditional right hand brake lever and right foot brake pedal.

The bike rides on 17″ rims and also includes keyless operation, an LED display and built-in anti-theft alarm.

A 5-year/50,000 miles warranty is included to cover parts and labor.

The US Kollter dealer is now taking pre-orders for the RS1, with inventory expected to arrive stateside in the next few weeks – shipping is currently estimated to begin late next month.

Last year I took a spin on the Kollter RS1’s little brother, the Kollter ES1. That bike had a top speed that was around 10-15 mph below the RS1, a smaller battery capacity and lower power.

The bike lacked the fit and finish of nicer models from manufacturers like Zero and LiveWire, but had plenty of performance for commuter riding at a fraction of the cost. Check out my ride video below to see it in action.

Now the RS1 seems to up the ante when it comes to fit and finish, but still falls significantly below the price of flagship electric motorcycles. In order to succeed, the new model will have to compete against a growing crop of mid-level electric motorcycles.

In addition to the SONDORS Metacycle mentioned above, the newly-unveiled Ryvid Anthem could provide competition with a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h) for a lower price of just under $8,000. The Anthem’s smaller battery limits its range, though Ryvid’s lightweight design could help mitigate range issues compared to the heavier Kollter RS1.

What do you think of this interesting new offering in the US electric motorcycle market? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Kollter RS1 80 mph electric motorcycle will start cruising US roads soon

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