May 25, 2024

Mongoose Bicycles XR-200 Mountain Bike – Can It Hang With the Significant Boys?

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Mongoose Bicycles XR-200 has a twin suspension. At first I considered the front forks the place a very little sensitive and would be much too comfortable. Even so, following a day or so of using they broke in and are essentially very pleasant. My encounter with other mountain bicycles is the entrance forks appear to be to usually be also smooth for my liking. I am very amazed with the wonderful median the Mongoose XR-200 bicycle gives.

Most folks say the back suspension is a minimal stiff. I like mine a minimal on the rigid side as I have rode non-suspension bicycles for most of my existence. Nonetheless, if you like it softer it can conveniently be modified.

My most loved possibility on the Mongoose XR-200 bike is the entrance disc brakes. I have in no way owned a bicycle with front disk brakes and they search super awesome and operate pretty nicely. I can frequently be caught performing some endo’s all around campus. A phrase of caution, the front disc brakes can develop into sizzling soon after use. Under no circumstances touch them just after you have been riding before allowing them to awesome off.

I am 6 ft. 3 in. and weigh about 175 pounds and this bike rides extremely easily for me. I did have to shift the seat up but this is quickly carried out devoid of any tools utilizing the fast release clamps. My only wish is that the handlebars could be adjusted up a number of extra inches. Nevertheless, I can nevertheless ride comfortably. This is the most snug bike I have owned.

My Mongoose Bicycles XR-200 is white and chocolate. I eradicated two of the stickers but over-all the graphics had been wonderful and I remaining them. I am acknowledged for generally eliminating all graphics from my bikes.

My only difficulty with the bike so considerably is I broke one particular of the pedals. Nevertheless, I am quite tough on my bike. I broke it immediately after i had been leaping and bunny hopping it all working day. Even so, because of to my top i use the edge of pedals more and this was likely the bring about of the difficulty. I went to Wal-Mart and obtained some replacement pedals for like $7 and they included an adapter that spaced the pedals out a very little farther. This has alleviated my dilemma. I needed some metal pedals but was not able to come across them at Wal-Mart.

Over-all I think the Mongoose XR-200 mountain bicycle is a fantastic get for the dollars. It includes the identical body as the more pricey types as effectively as an remarkable dual-suspension and entrance disc brakes. Not to mention its a 21 pace with great grip shifts. So certainly, the XR-200 can unquestionably dangle with the large boys.

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