July 15, 2024

Motorcycle Discovery Days In France Wants To Get Kids On Two Wheels

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Motorcycle Discovery Days In France Wants To Get Kids On Two Wheels

Motorcycle Discovery Days In France Wants To Get Kids On Two Wheels

Kids will get the chance to learn about and experience the various two-wheeled disciplines.

The French Motorcycling Federation has been the supervisory body when it comes to motorcycle racing in France for several years now. Apart, of course, from its engagement in motorsports, the FFM also advocates rider safety, as well as the promotion of the two-wheeled lifestyle as a fun and safe recreational activity.

The FFM launched a national program for the youngest last year with the development of its Motorcycle Discovery Days in order to bring motorsports on two wheels to the younglings. Continuing on from the inaugural edition’s popularity, the organization will resume operations on September 10 and 11. The goal is straightforward: to provide kids, starting at age 6 the opportunity to learn about the various motorcycle sports in France through initiations planned in a variety of structures all throughout the country.

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The number of French motorcycle schools, clubs, leagues, and departmental committees participating in the Motorcycle Discovery Days has increased from around 40 the previous year to about 55 this year. Some facilities will let kids who already own a motorbike that is appropriate for the discipline they intend to practice to try it out under real supervision on an approved site. Of course, the organizations involved will also be providing motorcycles for first-timers to view and experience, all in a safe and controlled environment..

In an article published by French motorcycling publication Le Repaire Des Motards, Sébastien Poirier, President of the French Motorcycling Federation, said: “As part of our mission to develop motorcycling sport, these Motorcycle Discovery Days represent a unifying event on a national scale. They will make it possible to open our sport to a large public and thus to participate in its democratization. For this second edition, many structures are mobilized, so many opportunities for young people to discover the sport of motorcycling in complete safety.”

If you are somehow reading this from France, and would like to let your kids be part of the lovely world of two wheels, then you can register and learn more about all the specific clubs and organizations that’ll be participating in the FFM’s Motorcycle Discovery Days by visiting the FFM’s official website linked below.

Source: Le Repaire Des Motards, FFM


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