July 19, 2024

Ram applies to trademark ‘Ram 1500 REV’

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Ram applies to trademark ‘Ram 1500 REV’

Ram applies to trademark ‘Ram 1500 REV’

On January 5, 2023 Ram plans to introduce the world to what it calls “The truck of the future.” This is expected to be the Ram Revolution Concept pickup, the battery-electric rig anticipated to hit the market in 2024 offering up to 500 miles of range and a conservative fast-charging max of 150 kW. Ram’s taking a different approach compared to other battery-electric pickup makers, though, by planning to put a range-extended Ram on the market alongside the full-electric truck. When CarBuzz performed its usual survey of records at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it found Fiat Chrysler had applied to trademark the term “Ram 1500 REV” on December 20. CarBuzz wonders which version of the coming electrified Ram the name will refer to, since “REV” could refer to the Revolution tag we’ve tied to the pure-electric model or could stand for range-extended vehicle. Mopar Insiders believes the term will be used for the range-extender. 

Other than Ram CEO Mike Koval, Jr. confirming the two-pronged approach, we don’t have details on the range-extender powertrain. We’d expect a meaty all-electric range, but it’s not clear if the powertrain would be a pure series hybrid a la BMW i3, or if the engine would engage the wheels to provide some propulsion. Koval said the two-pronged approach is Ram responding to customer concerns and doing more than expected — going the extra mile, as it were. Towing and cold-weather performance remain the first counterpoints when discussing the Ford F-150 Lightning, and a page on Ram’s web site touting the electric pickup features this quote from a possible attendee of the Ram Real Talk tour, “I don’t know if it’s doable, but longer range and shorter charge time, with a fast charger.”

The same day FCA applied to get Ram 1500 REV, it applied for the phrase “Freedom is Electric.” It’s been used before on the Jeep side of the family, expect it to hit big on January 5.

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