May 25, 2024

Rivian and Mercedes-Benz get spooky tech features for Halloween

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It’s Halloween time, and some automakers are getting into the season with holiday-themed features. Rivian and Mercedes-Benz have shown off their Halloween spirit so far, but less us know in the comments if you see anything spooky pop onto the dash of your car.

Rivian’s package of Halloween extras is easily the best and most well-rounded. If you haven’t already done so with your Rivian, social media posts online indicate that a message pops onto the screen allowing you to activate Halloween Theme and “make it spooky.”

The message reads as follows: “Some sounds, lights, and visuals will go ‘spooky’ for the Halloween season. Make sure Interactive Lighting and Accent Lights are on for the full experience.”

The sounds, as various folks have shown on social media and in Rivian’s official video above, change the vehicles’ unlock/lock noises. Instead of a bird chirp upon locking, the Rivian emits an owl hooting noise. Then when you unlock the truck, you get a howling werewolf noise. As for the lights, the white interior ambient lighting turns to a spooky orange color. Previous to now, you were unable to change the ambient lighting color in Rivians, but this shows that the lighting can indeed be changed.

The final notable change in Halloween Theme is in the Rivian’s driver assistance visualizer. Instead of pedestrians showing up as people in the visualizer, they are glowing, walking zombies. Neat!

As for the Mercedes feature, MBUX has gained some spooky graphics. You’ll notice above that the main menu screen has a spooky pumpkin and a bunch of colorful fallen leaves as decor. Australian publication, also noted that the profile selection screen has new graphics, including a witch, devil, vampire and zombie to choose from. To activate these Halloween treats, you’ll need to ensure “Graphic Goodies” is turned on in the display settings menu.

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